CONCERNS have been raised over the accessibility of a bus stop in Great Lever as residents have noticed cars blocking the stop and preventing the bus from pulling up along the kerb.

The bus stop on Crescent Road, near to the corner of Green Avenue, does not feature any yellow lines or cage markings.

A local resident has spoken out about the lack of markings at the bus stop, as the parked cars make it difficult for people with disabilities or mobility issues to get on the bus.

Andy Brabin said: “The road was recently resurfaced, which was greatly appreciated as it had been in such a poor condition.

“But when they reinstated the bus stop there were no yellow lines or cage markings.

“Cars are parking up at the bus stop, which is not what should happen there.

“This isn’t helpful for disabled or vulnerable people as the buses can’t pull up to the kerb at the bus stop.

“My gripe is that this has been designed and signed off by an officer, there’s no common sense and it is potentially even illegal and goes against the highway code.

“It’s preventing people with mobility issues from using public transport and instead promotes the use of cars, it’s social exclusion.

“It also goes against the council’s stance on climate change and declaring a climate emergency, as it doesn’t encourage people to use public transport.

“It’s outrageous that this has been approved by someone.”

A Bolton Council spokesperson said: “The existing bus stop at Crescent Road, Great Lever is being relocated but is still being used temporarily while the new one is completed.

“The new stop will have a build-out. This is a physical extension of the footway at the bus stop into the road.

“This allows buses to pull up and for passengers to get on and off safely.”