A Bolton-based production company has joined forces with Bury Hospice to make a film tackling themes of loneliness and isolation.

Rhoni Vision Production has produced 'Not A Single Word', which is a short film based on true events experienced by a young deaf adult, reflecting his pain and suffering before being saved from death.

Rhoni Jaefar, Creative Director and Founder of the company, said: "Casting was one of the challenging parts of this project, not being able to meet talents personally due to the self-isolation during the lockdown made the process of selecting the right talent more difficult, so the solution was to dig into my own circle of connection and old talents I've worked within the past.

"The fact of finding myself stuck at home for months following the Covid-19 pandemic caused me to think twice about the risks, suffering and danger that an isolated person faces every day.

"After doing a lot of research, I was shocked by the statistics and accidents caused due to loneliness and isolation, I've decided to start this project to empower, educate and sensitise the mass about it.

"It was very important for me to collaborate and work on this project with local talents and organisations involved with loneliness and mental health."

Chris Braden, actor and founder of Phoenix 360 Media stars in the film alongside Heather Elise Nelson.

Annette Bades, Clinical Lead in the Patient Unit at Bury Hospice and the Bereavement Service have also been involved in the production.

Mr Jaefar added: "It might be me, it might be you or someone close to us who will need help more than ever, let's all help and contribute as much or as little as we can, let's stand together to make this world a better place by showing love and support to vulnerable people dying in silence due to this hidden disease spreading amongst us and affecting youngsters, adults and elderly.

"Every single donation will go to Bury Hospice and participate with the short film in national and international film festivals to raise even more funds for them.

"It is a well-worn cliché, but every penny really does help. No donation is too small."

Bury Hospice needs to raise over £2.3m to keep running each year and the donation distribution will be 90% to the hospice and 10% to film festival applications.