An ARCHAEOLOGICAL dig at a much loved hall has unearthed a significant piece of history.

Save Rock Hall with DigVentures staged a dig at Rock Hall in Moses Gate Country Park over the bank holiday weekend.

Much was discovered about the hall owned by Thomas Bonsor Crompton, including finding the footprint of Vale House, which is elsewhere in the park and cannot be seen today.

However, the biggest discovery made during the dig was a silver 1883 Queen Victoria Threepence.

Jayne Allman, CEO of the Banana Enterprise Network, posted saying: "Well what an amazing six days of industrial archaeology with DigVentures at the first Archaeological Dig ever, at Moses Gate Country Park.

"We are all shattered but it was worth it to see so many people getting involved or coming to see us.

"The dig was a success in so many ways. We found the footprint of Vale House which is what we hoped to find as it appears in slightly different locations on a couple of maps.

We found bits of 19th century pottery, bits of clay pipes and some old glass in the trenches, but the best find we think, was a silver 1883 Queen Victoria Threepence. It was in the trench at the front of the Hall. Wouldn't it be great if it had been dropped by a Crompton family member."