The fire service had to attend a possible 'arson' incident last night after a car was set on fire in a residential street.

Fire fighters from Bolton Central station were called to a road off Crescent Street around 11.50pm last night (September 6) to reports that a car was on fire.

They attended and found a Mercedes C Class alight.

It is believed the fire may have been "started deliberately" due to the fire starting from the back of the vehicle.

Bolton Central crew manager, Mike Lewis, said: "We suspected that the car may have been set on fire deliberately so the police are now involved.

"We were there for around 30 minutes putting out the fire which was completely written off.

"It was on the side of the road so there was no danger of the fire spreading. It was an electric hybrid vehicle so we had to do extra work to make sure it was safe and would not set on fire again."

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for more information.