WE have published a story about drivers parking multiple cars fully on a main road footpath and ‘completely blocking’ the pavement.

Pictures taken at around 7pm on Saturday, September 4 at Bradford Road in Farnworth, show at least five cars parked wholly on the footpath in a double yellow line restricted area.

Our readers reacted on social media to the news. Here are just some of the comments.

Annaberta said: "Time the police started fining these selfish motorists, towing their vehicles though might be more profitable perhaps?"

Treefrog8986 said: "It happens all over Farnworth about time something was done about it."

Reddwarfer said: "This happens all over the place. I'm able-bodied so it's nothing more than a minor irritation to me but what of those with pushchairs, never mind in wheelchairs or the visually impaired. I guess they just take their chances in the road. Park elsewhere, rent a garage or whatever. This isn't or at least *shouldn't* be the problem of pedestrians. Sometimes I can just about squeeze past. Wouldn't it be a shame if I knocked a wing mirror off?

DealWithIt said: ""What a bunch of ignorant, arrogant pr!cks! Who do they think they are? Wouldn't it be a shame if they all got keyed haha"

PaulWalker:" Maybe the council, the Bolton News and the police should take a good look at the parking on Derby Street, Dean Road and Blackburn Road. Lots of double parking as well as on double yellows and on the parent outside a specific shop near the tramways. Nothing ever done but always plenty of crash for cash."