WE published a story about how residents were calling for fireworks to be only sold for organised events as their pets suffer due to the loud noises in a quiet avenue.

Residents of Vigo Avenue in Bolton are unhappy with constant fireworks going off nearby and recently in the middle of the road.

Alison Heap’s dog Darcie was seen bolting from their house after hearing the loud bangs last Saturday. Luckily the pet was found the next day after neighbours helped locate her.

Our readers are also in agreement that fireworks should not be allowed.

Affliction said: "Fireworks have become a nuisance rather than a pleasure."

Jeffrey16 said: "Wish I had the ultimate vote - BAN THE LOT."

Vespasian said: "I heard and saw those fireworks, t think it was Saturday night, totally insane. Another place that let's them off at all times is that 3D venue behind Park Cakes. The council and police need to get tough on this behaviour, I wish."

AnotherDayInTheOffice said: "I heard all the din on Saturday night, it sounded like a war had broken out it was ridiculous, some of my neighbours are quite elderly, and most have pets they must have been terrified. Fireworks definitely need to be banned."

Allonesided said: "In the past you only got Fireworks around Bonfire Night then it spread to New Years Eve. Over the years Fireworks have got steadily worse, why is that? There is not a week goes by where we are having to endure loud obnoxious bangs and this could be anytime of the day, the latest being at midnight (which i'm sure is illegal). There is a certain venue place near the town centre where i have witnesses industrial sized fireworks being set off in the middle of the street, it must be awful for the residents who live in the nearby apartments - why are they aloud to get away with it? It is also a stated fact that fireworks are detrimental not only to people who suffer PTSD but to the wildlife as well. Birds can have heart attacks and die, Wild animals raising young will become frightened and abandon them, Bees become disorientated and unable to find their hives and fish and other animals die from ingesting firework residues. So the next time you want to set off a firework, stop being selfish and have consideration for others."