BOLTON comedian Sophie Willan is hoping audiences will find her new comedy ‘funny, uplifting and optimistic’.

BBC 2 series Alma’s Not Normal has been filming in and around Bolton in recent months and will air on Monday at 10pm.

Sophie, star and series creator, said: “I hope they find it funny, that’s first and foremost. I hope that it’s uplifting and optimistic whilst also connecting in its more difficult moments.”

WORK: Alma at SubNGo

WORK: Alma at SubNGo

The show follows Alma ­– played by Sophie ­– and the endless chaos in her life after her tumultuous childhood.

After a difficult break up, Alma is determined to get her life back on track.

She dips into the world of escorting to support her dreams of becoming a famous actress, however does not initially thrive.

After realising that working at a local sandwich shop is not much better, Alma relaxes into her new role as ‘Ruby’.

Meanwhile, Alma faces challenges at home, with her heroin-addicted mother being sectioned for arson and her grandmother detaching herself from the problems.

However, things start to look up for Alma as she discovers Bolton Acting School, which could change her fate.

Sophie said: “I come from a very funny family, and I think that’s how all of us have survived really. There’s been a lot of trauma, not just my life but generally and we have a laugh in the tough times.”

DRAMA: Alma with her mum, Lin.

DRAMA: Alma with her mum, Lin.

James Baxtor, who stars as Anthony, Alma’s on-and-off boyfriend, particularly enjoyed filming in Bolton.

He said: “I know Bolton quite well, so it was really nice to be there! In Bolton there’s a really famous pastie shop, it’s an institution! If you’re in Bolton for longer than an hour and you haven’t had one, something is wrong! We were in a scene where we were eating these pasties.”

The pilot for BBC 2 culminated in a BAFTA for Best Writer

“I wasn’t expecting to be nominated and I was really shocked to have won,” said Sophie, “When I found out, I ran around for about five minutes because I wasn’t expecting to win.”