A FORMER MP has proudly presented six books, detailing the fascinating life of 25 Bolton representatives to the Mayor of Bolton.

Dr Brian Iddon, the former Bolton South East MP, dedicated the last six years to researching and writing about the life of Labour Bolton MPs, who served various constituencies prior to 2015.

Following his retirement in 2010, Dr Iddon finally had the opportunity to write down his series of memoirs entitled 'Bolton’s Labour Members of Parliament'.

Dr Iddon said: “There are several fascinating stories within these books. The Labour MPs are not just politicians, they’re people.”

He added: “Now I have finished, I feel relieved that I have managed this huge task, which might be unique. I am not aware of any other publication like this one in which the biographies of so many MPs from one town have been included. I am also satisfied that I have done a reasonable job.”

Spanning over 1,600 pages, his work covers more than a century of British history and delves into the social and political reforms that were fought for by successive Labour MPs.

The first four volumes focus on MPs from different constituencies, namely the-then Bolton County Borough, Bolton East, and Westhoughton.

Later volumes five and six detail the Bolton MPs' contributions to key policy areas, including social security, local government and health.

Dr Iddon’s books are now available at Bolton Central Library. He also plans to send electronic copies to the People’s Museum in Manchester, the House of Commons Library and the British Library.

He is also considering publishing his work online as a free database.

Dr Iddon is interested to know whether any of the MPs’ relatives are still living in Bolton today and invites those who are to contact him via email at iddonb@hotmail.co.uk Relatives of the MPs Alfred Booth, Alfred Gill, Bob Howarth, Jack Jones and Albert Law are already aware of Dr Iddon’s work.