I WOULD like to say thank you to all the kind people who came to my assistance after I tripped on a broken paving stone outside the Royal Bank of Scotland last Friday around midday.

Thank you to the eight lovely people who stayed with me for two hours waiting for an ambulance that did not turn up. They thought I had broken my nose. Luckily I hadn’t.

Thank you for the chair, bottle of water and rolls of tissue and to the young lady who made me could water poultices to top my nose swelling, very thoughtful.

Thank you Courtney and her dad, the other gent whose name I did not get, the ladies from the vaccine centre, one of whom took my car to a place of safety and the traffic wardens for their help.

Last by by no means least, thank you to my wonderful friend Pauline and her very kind neighbour John for driving me - and my car - home. I am most grateful to you all.