THE events of September 11, 2001, saw the world change forever.

We asked our Bolton News readers on social media to send in their memories of what they were doing at the time of the tragedy and how they found out about it and the effects it had on them.

Here are just a selection of the answers.

Lyndsey Leatherbarrow said: "(I had) Just landed at Manchester airport after a holiday to Crete……. It happened hours before but we were clueless in the airport, all flights delayed, didn’t know until we were picked up in the car. (I) Didn’t believe it at first. RIP to all those who lost their lives then and since due to the tragedy x

Helen Silvers said: "I was at home, thought it was an action film, horrified to find it wasn't."

Alison Holme said: "I was at work, driving to pick my daughter up from junior school when I heard the news on the radio. My husband phoned a friend up to ask where he was as this friend was a courier and in London. My husband told him to get out as he was near the American embassy.

Pauline Gorton said: "We were leaving Boston. We were on top of the North Tower of World Trade Centre on September 7, it was very scary to be in America.

Janine King said: "Gran Canaria with my now husband, scared we wouldn’t fly home safely

Kelly Halligan said: "Sat in Dalaman airport waiting for our flight home which was delayed and we didn't know why until we landed in the UK.

Samantha Louise Sorby said: "Me and my mum flew to America three days before this happened, it wasn’t nice."

Jacqueline Austin said: " 22 years ago I married my soulmate 9/9/99 and flew to New York on 11/9/99. I visited the World Trade Centre and videoed my moves. Hard to believe that 2 years later……"

Margaret Daviesl said: "Just come back for Vancouver two days before. Was with two people from New York wonder if they was caught up in that horrible thing."