Bolton News readers have reacted in shock at the news of Ye Old Pastie Shoppe, in Churchgate being broken into.

Owner Marie Walsh, 83, said her son Chris arrived at the pastie shop yesterday to let workmen in and found the property “a mess”.

She said her CCTV system shows a man who is hooded going through the property at around 11pm on Wednesday.

Here are some of the comments...

Red September said :"When you think our society can’t get any lower. Heartbreaking. Wishing the owners the strength to put all this behind them."

Vespasian said: "This is a part of our history proper Boltonians would agree. So sad to see this and hope they catch them."

Smiletogether said: "What an absolute shame! Love this place as do most folk. It will hopefully take more than this to rob the folk of Bolton. The best longest serving pastie shop."

Lynda Mills: "Poor lady, she doesn’t deserve this, we all love Ye Old Pastie Shop, it’s Bolton’s best."

Joyce Wiltshire: "Sad news getting worse everywhere"