A DRAMATIC two-car smash was staged in Victoria Square to bring home the dangers of driving carelessly as the number of road traffic collisions on Bolton's roads continues to increase.

The exercise, led by Bolton firefighters, took place in Victoria Square, captured the devastating aftermath of a serious two-car crash.

Station Manager Andy Hardman told The Bolton News that many accidents could be avoided.

The exercise was designed to raise awareness of the risks drivers pose to themselves by not taking note of road conditions.

He said the exercise was in response to increased crashes on the borough's roads, some which have proved fatal.

The Bolton News: Road traffic demonstration in Victoria Square

Not only did the exercise serve to shock passers-by into stopping and seeing what the huge emergency response was ­— but also to educate them, with officers passing on road safety information.

Mr Hardman said: "Crew Manager Mike Lewis and his crew carried out a road traffic demonstration on Victoria Square as part of the borough’s risk reduction work aligned to the station and area action plans.

"The demo involved our crews cutting up vehicles in a simulated car accident. Fire service volunteers acted as casualties to be cut from the wreckage.

The Bolton News: Road traffic demonstration in Victoria Square

"They also, along with the station manager, talked to onlookers about the risks on the roads these days and the ever increasing numbers of road traffic collisions."

He added: "We would like to thank our partners for supporting us, and in particular colleagues from the local authority for supplying us with barriers and the high-profile space for the event to take place.

"I would also like to publicly thank Crew Manager Mike Lewis for pulling all this together."