TWO best friends have finally opened their dream burger place 15 years after they first cooked up the idea.

Khalil Rahman and Mashooq Uddin opened Shake’N’Burg in Bradshawgate, Bolton, this summer, more than a decade after they first scouted the area.

But their dreams were dashed when the building had flooding issues and the pair could not go through with the sale.

Now, the two are happily open after spending all their money on the Insta worthy interior.


ShakeNBurg in Bolton.

Shake'N'Burg in Bolton.


Khalil said:” We didn’t even look at another place after that, we just stopped thinking about it for a while.

“We were already working full time and I think we were young and naïve.

“I always had the dream in the back of my mind and at the end of last year, I just thought it was finally the time.

“And it is different, we sell a cheeseburger and fries lunch time meal for just £1.99.”

The pair designed the place themselves with little money and no idea how much it would cost.

Khalil said: “We always go out to eat and I see other places think we could do better and hopefully we can create a chain of Shake’N’Burg in the future.

“It’s all our passion and belief.”


ShakeNBurg Bolton.

Shake'N'Burg Bolton.


Khalil and Mashooq have worked together in the past.

After meeting through a friend, Mashooq said: “We just clicked.

“We have been working together in restaurants and in corporate jobs until this.”

After attending a boot strap business course, the two set about finding another opportunity.

Khalil said: “We found it’s the meat and the seasoning that’s the most important thing, so we tried and tested a lot until we came up with our own sauce made of eight different spices.

Mashooq added: “The plan is to expand and open a few more branches.”

The concept for the burger takeaway is a mix between McDonald’s and Five Guys, according to the two