AN 11-YEAR-OLD singer has released a new single based around mental health.

Kallea McKee from Kearsley, released her second single, When You got Somebody on September 10, and has had nothing but rave reviews.

The pop song was co-written with Darren Martyn, a London-based, multi-platinum selling songwriter and producer.

Kallea met him after winning a competition to work with the producer.

She said: “This song is about having that someone that believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself and, because of them, you feel like you can achieve anything.

“When you got that love, there’s no way you can fall.”

Her parents, Shane and Stacey McKee are her biggest fans, supporting her career as far as they can.

Shane, said: “It’s going well, there’s a lot of positive feedback from Bolton and lots of streams online, which Kallea checks daily.

“It’s not beaten Ed Sheeran yet though.

Kallea’s music is always thought-provoking and based around mental health.

Shane said: “When you have someone special in your life and all the right support, you can do anything.

“And Kallea has support around her and people who push her in the right direction, giving her ideas on what to do next.”

After starting to sing aged four after dancing at a show and seeing older girls singing, the young girl wanted to join them.

Her dad said: “She was jealous, but we didn’t know she wanted to sing at that time. Kallea wanted singing lessons and ended up performing at the Market Hall."

Lately, Kallea has performed at Right to Roam Festival, Bolton Food and Drink Festival, Glaston-BURY and will be at the forthcoming Pride event in Bolton.

Shane said: “She is very intelligent and organised, so it doesn’t interfere with her schoolwork, which always comes first.

“She makes her own decisions because we ask her if she wants to perform somewhere, which people are shocked about when we say we will ask her first.

“We don’t want her to go on stage and not enjoy it.”

There are still a few more singles yet to be released and Kallea releases another one in October.

Kallea’s inspirations include Adele, Ed Sheeran and Olivia Rodrigo.

Shane said: “She wants to sing on a big stage in front of a crowd who sing her songs back to her.

“It’s the pop star dream but she is hard working, and we know she will get there.”