A SIX-YEAR-OLD’S honesty box has been stolen twice and has now been moved away from her family’s farm.

Lilly Duffy was left heartbroken when the money and eggs from the honesty box were taken twice in two weeks from the Lee Fold Farm in Blackrod.

The box has now been moved to Lilly’s grandmother Cathy Cresswell's house, in nearby Black Horse Street and is taken inside each night to prevent another theft.

The Bolton News: The honesty box and sisters Lilly Duffy-Grace Duffy.

(Sisters Lilly Duffy-Grace Duffy)

Dad, Reece Duffy said: “We put it out two weeks ago, but within a few days, all the eggs and money had been taken out of the box.

“Lilly looked forward to going down every day, so she was heartbroken.

“Last Thursday she went down in the morning to find it all gone again. It’s just frustrating.”

After posting about the theft on Facebook, the community of Blackrod got together to raise £100 for Lilly, despite only around £10 being in the box at the time.

Lilly said: “They helped my heart be unbroken and thank you very much.”

The Bolton News: The honesty box outside Cath Cresswell's House.

(The honesty box outside Cath Cresswell's House)

While dad Reece said: “It was not really the money, it was just disappointing, especially for a little girl, a bit of harsh reality for her, but everyone helped out and she was made up so we are carrying on.”

The second time the box was stolen was last Thursday, leaving the dad no choice but to move it away from the farm.

Reece said: “It got stolen again and this time they took the whole cash tray, so we moved it to her grandmother’s house.

“It’s in front of her house and she brings it inside at night. We had to do this because we live in a quieter area with not many houses, but Black Horse Street is a main road with lots of houses, so it’s better protected. A lot of people are still coming to get some eggs, so we’re thankful for that.”

The honesty box is a recycled sideboard which Lilly painted herself and tops up the eggs after school each day.

Reece said: “It’s a bit of responsibility for her and she understands that you have to spend money on buying new chickens too, so it’s like a little job.

“Lilly has bought new chickens recently but also plans to buy some high heels with the money."

He added: “It’s nice for her to learn but of course not nice to have it stolen.”