Ahead of this afternoon's League One clash with Rotherham United, here are the best bits from Ian Evatt's press conference.

Wanderers enter the game on the back of a stunning 5-2 win against Ipswich Town at Portman Road.

Evatt's men are now up to third place in the league table with 12 points from their opening seven matches.

What are you expecting from Rotherham on Saturday?

Rotherham are direct, physical, high-intensity, they press, and it will be a really difficult match-up for us. We have to stand up to that, win our first and second contacts and switch modes to be cool, calm and collected on the ball.

It is a really difficult thing to do but we have worked hard today on them and some ideas for us, and hopefully you will see that come to fruition on Saturday. We are well aware of the attacking threats Rotherham have and the threat they pose, so we need to make sure we’re at it.

How much are you looking forward to Family Day?

Our fans have been excellent, home and way this season. If we can get one or two who haven’t seen a game before, or someone who is maybe coming back, then come and see what we are doing, things have changed. 

The atmosphere at this football club is completely different and we want everyone to be a part of it. My goal as a manager here is to look around Bolton and not see kids wearing Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool or Everton shirts, just Bolton shirts. 

I want people to be proud of their club and have Afolayan, Sarcevic, Doyle – whoever it may be – on the back of that shirt because it is their hero. That is what we want to create, so if people can come along on Saturday and enjoy it then maybe we get a few more on the gate for the rest of the season.

You have trusted some very young defenders so far this season. How impressed have you been with their performances?

That has gone under the radar, hasn’t it? The back four that played at Ipswich – it is very young, very inexperienced in many ways. Last season was Gethin Jones’s first full season in football.

Rico (Santos) stepped into the EFL properly for the first time last season, Liam Gordon and George Johnston are just starting really, so they will all improve in time. Those partnerships take time to form but they will form.

I have said to George that he is very fortunate that he has Alex Baptiste, Sam Hird and Peter Atherton, who were not the biggest centre-backs but they were good players who knew how to use their body, to play to their strengths and hide their deficiencies. He is learning all the time with that. 

Rico is a physical monster. I think if you could build a centre-back you’d build him and I wish I’d had his attributes when I was a player. For him it is about concentration and positioning, knowing where to put himself, and also becoming more vocal and being a leader.

How important was it for the likes of Alex Baptiste and Nathan Delfouneso to get game time in the Central League Cup?

We gave them the option and they wanted to play, so that speaks volumes about their character. Their professionalism and their experience is second to none. 

Some of them will be told they are playing. Others, Matt and Baps – who has played quite a lot this season – don’t physically need the game and at their age we need to manage them differently to some of the others. 

I think the fact they wanted to play says a lot about them as people and also of their work ethic. We are lucky to have them.

How much of an impact has the club’s mobile training app had on the squad?

We will still have meetings on a Monday but what the app does is give players a chance to watch back and reflect by themselves. They are not coming into the meeting blind - they understand what we are looking to work on, what they did right, what they did wrong. 

Watching those clips back on a Sunday is important, I think. Self-analysis is the most important part of football, looking at the man in the mirror and understanding how you can improve and push on. 

Then when they come in to listen to me, Peter (Atherton) and the coaching staff on a Monday they have a grip on what we are looking for and how we have seen the game, they are not going in blind. None of it is personal - it is a tool for improvement and making every single individual better.