KIRK Brandon is looking forward to getting the chance to finally perform songs he wrote over 35 years ago the way he wanted them to sound.

Worldservice was arguably Spear of Destiny’s best-known album, released in 1985 and produced by Rusty Egan. But the glossy Eighties’ production never truly satisfied Kirk who remains as driven today as he did when he first emerged on the scene with punk legends The Pack and Theatre of Hate.

During lockdown Spear of Destiny went into the studio and rerecorded Worldservice and now the band is heading out on the road the play the songs live including a date at Darwen Library Theatre next Wednesday and Manchester Academy on October 30.

“We really proud of the recording despite being done in lockdown. We just wanted the songs put down in the right way as a very straight forward rock band recording,” he said.

“The original was very much a 1985 recording,” he said. “I like the idea of honest recordings. It’s not treated or processed and that’s how I wanted this album to be.

“Now I think we’ve achieved that.”

The current band line up has played together for 30 years but the new tour will be special

“We’ve not seen each other for two years,” said Kirk, “so it promises to be quite an emotional tour. I appreciate many people are still frightened about going to a show but all we can do is get back out there. Everything’s a gamble anyway after all.”

Spear of Destiny, Darwen Library Theatre, Wednesday, September 22. Details from