A YOUNG musician could be in line for a £50,000 prize for emulating a pop band.

Tommy Pardon, a guitarist from Tonge Moor, is studying music at Salford University and recently entered a competition run by the band Imagine Dragons.

The band posted an opportunity on their Instagram page for fans to upload a cover of one of their songs onto their website.

Thomas covered their song, Wrecked, and has made it to the next round by sharing the cover on his personal Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat accounts, and could be up for the £50,000 prize if he comes in first place.

Thomas’s mum, Lorraine Price, added: “I’m so over the moon for him, he’s really come into his own as a musician.

“From my perspective, I’ve loved every minute of watching him start off at school shows to get where he is today through hard work.

Thomas added: “I am nervous but excited because I am competitive.

“I started studying music in Year Seven, playing guitar and got obsessed with it. Since then I’ve loved the creativity of making my own music.

“My main influences are Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, and of course, Imagine Dragons.

“I have an extreme passion for music, as soon as I start writing a song, I get stuck with it and don’t want to leave my room until it’s finished - even if it doesn’t get released, I get such a sense of satisfaction and pride.

“I’m going to start releasing my own songs as singles.

“I have 13 songs already recorded, but I would love to do a complete album.

“If I win, I’d be buzzing, I would be so excited, because it would be such an accomplishment, and such a boost for my music career.

“This is the biggest thing I have done in music, so even if I win £5,000 or £10,000, I won’t waste it and would put the money istraight into my own music.

To vote for Tommy, visit www.imaginedragonsmusic.com/wrecked-competition