I found last Friday's online views interesting re. Hulton Park ...firstly, that it was thought local residents would benefit - from higher house prices to facilities on our doorsteps.

If you believe there will ever be 'facilities' on our doorsteps, you will believe anything Peel tells you!

The roads are already a nightmare with the extra traffic from Cutacre, imagine them with a few thousand extra vehicles on them from the new builds, not to mention the imaginary 70,000 spectators expected to converge on the area during major golf tournaments.

The pollution will be unbearable, especially with the felling of numerous mature trees, hedgerows ripped out and wildlife displaced in the park.

But the most important point is that the land IS NOT IDLE!

It's productive farmland. It's good agricultural grazing land.

And that is the bottom line for Peel.

It doesn't bring in the millions that a greedy company like theirs wants.

Your reader's suggestion that 'a large kids play area and a cafe, might be nice' just won't cut the mustard for Peel I'm afraid.

When they first acquired the Park, they stated publicly that they were pleased to add it to their 'Agricultural Portfolio' - and we almost believed them. How foolish of us!

D. Syddall, Over Hulton.

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