We have reported that demolition work for a major town centre housing scheme has neared completion.

Bolton-based Forshaw Demolition Limited has begun preparing a site on Manor Street which forms part of the wider Church Wharf regeneration area.

The brownfield land, which was acquired by Bolton Council this year, is being developed after a successful bid to the government’s £1.84m of 'Brownfield Housing Land Fund'.

A multi-million pound new neighbourhood was approved for the area in April of 2019.

Our readers have reacted to the news online.

Scoobs: "It’s a silly idea to have all these houses and flats in the town centre. We need shops.

"This is no masterplan it’s a silly plan. To attract people we need shops. Instead we have houses. If town isn’t bad enough now wait till the houses and flats are built. It’s a huge disaster waiting to happen."

Mark59 said: "Where are retailers who want to invest in town centres such as Bolton? For years, we have suffering with shops closing down, with only charity shops and pound shops replacing them."

renovatedhouserunner said: "Exactly, with online shopping these days the town centre is too big and needs downsizing. The only way to do it is to make parts of the outskirts housing or recreation grounds."