THE Bolton News published a story about a young referee being threatened at a junior football league game and was told by a coach who they had sent them off that they were 'going to f***ing t**t him'.

Bolton, Bury and District Football League secretary Warren Barlow has sent a letter to all of its 718 teams warning they are taking a zero tolerance approach to the ‘toxic behaviour’ and abuse of referees by coaches and players.

Our readers have reacted to the story online and here are a few of the responses.

William51 said: "Mr Barlow, if the case against the offending coach has been proven I would hope that he or she is no longer allowed to coach in BBJFL. That is how zero tolerance works."

Vespasian said: "Sack and ban him for life"

PaulWalker said: "If the coach has done this and has been verified by multiple witnesses then they have to be sacked and banned for life. Not the kind of person who should be around children."

Vtec said: "Warnings haven't worked for many years. Suspension and bans are the only options to get the message home. That's all dependant on the County FA supporting the ban."