The Bolton Green Party have announced their candidate for the upcoming Bromley Cross ward by-election.

Liz Spencer, who has stood for the Green's in local and parliamentary elections in Bolton before, will be standing again in the vote on October 28.

The election is being held following the tragic death of Bolton Council leader of Cllr David Greenhalgh in July aged 53.

Ms Spencer said: "I have lived in Bromley Cross ward for the best part of fifty years, this is my home, my community, where my heart lies, my roots are deep and where I am getting old.

"I had not intended standing again in a local election but I have changed my mind and am pleased to be supported by the Green Party as their chosen candidate. But that is not why I am standing in this by election.

"I am standing because I am angry, very, very angry. I am angry for and about Bromley Cross, about Bolton, about England.

"About the handwringing and hypocrisy that claps for carers while effectively cutting wages, that knows and does nothing to change the situation of those amongst us, who in times of need, are not afforded even the basics of dignified personal care, that votes to deny food to hungry children, to cut the already abysmal levels of financial support to those who need it, and then, seeks sponsorship to run a race to raise funds for a foodbank.

"About the endless talk of the need to address the climate crisis while building roads and opening coalmines and oilfields, the destruction of the irreplaceable for the sake of a short term vanity project, to cut down ancient trees to build a shop and a car park.

"I am standing because We need a new project, a new bravery, a new courage, we need each other and we depend on each other and we are, now, all responsible for putting a stop to the destruction of our communities, of our towns, of our values and of our futures and the future of our children.

"Because we can do better. Because we can be better. Because what is the alternative?"