A DISABLED woman has been left unable to attend hospital appointments after thieves stole her mobility car while she slept.

Abbie Everall, from Bolton, says that her car was stolen from a car park off Bury Road while she was at home and in bed during the evening of Thursday, September 23.

Ms Everall suffers from Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease which causes abdominal pain, fatigue and malnutrition.

Living with Crohn’s Disease can be difficult for sufferers and in Ms Everall’s case her mobility car was essential in giving her independence.

She said: “This situation is preventing me attending my hospital appointments.

“Due to the circumstances surrounding my stress due to the recent incident my Crohn’s disease and mental health is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.”

Mr Everall said that she is yet to hear from police regarding the theft, despite the fact she has CCTV footage of the car being stolen.

She said: "I’m yet to see a officer to take a statement from myself.

“Despite my effort to chase up the police they refused to come out and see me and this has resulted in my car being driven around and resold multiple times with false registration plates.

"I have CCTV footage of the incident of the person taking my vehicle.”

She also believes that she may have additional information that could help identify the culprits, having seen four young men joy riding in her vehicle on several previous occasions around Bolton.

However, she has not had a chance to discuss this with police officers in person.

Chief Constable Stephen Watson is set to visit the borough on October 7 to address a full meeting of Bolton Council, where response times and other concerns about policing will be under discussion.

Councillors have previously raised concerns about the car thefts.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "We will be ensuring an officer gets in contact with the victim - we apologise for providing a service that is below the level rightly expected of us.

"I can confirm an investigating officer has been assigned to this incident and all lines of enquiry will be explored to the satisfaction of the victim."