A MAN caught trying to break into people’s houses and steal a car in Lostock has been jailed.

Bolton Crown Court heard police were called to the area in after reports of a group trying to gain access to people’s properties. Among those detained was Luke Williams.

The 21-year-old appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting two attempted burglaries at homes and an attempt to steal a car.

Williams, from Whittle Street, Worsley, also admitted breaching the terms of his bail by failing to attend at court at an earlier date.

Prosecutor William Donnelly said: "Shortly after 2am on Monday, July 8, 2019 police received telephone calls from houses in Lostock in Bolton, a group of young people were trying to force open doors of houses and cars.

“The first attempted burglary took place on Lomond Place, a neighbour saw some of them go down the side of the house while another was keeping look out.

“The second was on Pendennis Avenue when a neighbour heard noise.

“They saw a group go down the drive towards the rear of the property.

“One neighbour was keeping a look out.

“The sound of broken glass was heard.”

He added that Williams, recognisable from the sports gear he was wearing, was later seen inside a Ford Focus.

Mark Stephenson, defending, said he had been in prison since being arrested for breaching bail and had found this a very difficult experience.

He added that his partner was due to give birth later this month and said: “It is now time for this young man to grow up.”

Recorder of Bolton, Judge Martin Walsh said a suspended sentence was not possible.

He said: “In the early hours of July 8, 2019, you were part of a group who went around looking for property to steal.”

The judge also said there was “no sensible prospect of a suspended sentence” from the pre-sentence report which had been prepared.

He jailed him for 14 weeks.