A CALLOUS thief sneaked into a frail 100-year-old man's bedroom as he slept and stole his television.

Stan Adams' family were alerted to the intruder when he woke and pressed the personal alarm he wears around his neck.

And Ryan Walkden was caught after a police officer, viewing CCTV footage from the house in Horwich, recognised him.

Simon Barrett, prosecuting, told how Mr Adams lives with his son and daughter-in-law, with his bedroom on the ground floor of the house.

In the early hours of November 19 last year, Walkden, in a car driven by another person, stopped outside the house just after 5.30am

After trying the front door, he went to the pensioner’s bedroom window, which was slightly open, and clambered inside while the elderly man was asleep in bed.

"The defendant was only in the address a very short time but in that time he took the gentleman's television, valued at about £300," said Mr Barrett.

Frightened Mr Adams alerted his family by pressing his personal alarm but Walkden had gone.

Mr Adams' daughter-in-law, Louise, said the television was one of his few pleasures and Walkden had "ruined" what is left of the pensioner's life.

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The court heard that, a day after the theft, Walkden also committed burglaries in Preston, for which he is serving a four-year prison sentence.

Walkden, aged 33, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to burgling the Horwich house. The court heard that he already has convictions for 75 other crimes.

Verity Quaite, defending, stressed that drug user Walkden had admitted his guilt immediately and is now taking a course to address his addiction.

"He is motivated to turn his life around," she added.

Judge Tom Gilbart added 18 months to the four-year jail term Walkden is already serving, resulting in a total sentence of five years and six months.

"This was a quite brazen burglary committed whilst the elderly and vulnerable victim was present in the room," said the judge.