IN a heart-rending statement directed at burglar Ryan Walkden, 100-year-old victim Stan Adams' daughter-in-law told him that he had ruined the rest of the pensioner's life.

Louise Adams' statement was read to Walkden by Judge Tom Gilbart before he imposed an 18-month jail sentence.

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"I am going to read it to you in full so you can understand the impact of what you did," said Judge Gilbart.

Mrs Adams stated: "To the thief. You broke into the bedroom of a 100-year-old much-loved dad, grandpa and great-grandpa and stole his practically worthless old telly.

"But what you really stole were heard-won treasures, irreplaceable and priceless.

"In waking this frail old man in a moment of sheer terror at 5.39 in the morning you stole his sense of security, his piece of mind and any shred of independence he had left.

"You have ruined what is left of his life. Stan lived with us, his son an daughter-in law, for the last 10 years and we strive every day to help him live life to as full an extent as possible.

"We try to help him keep safe, fit, mobile, healthy and independent and you took all that away.

"One of his few remaining pleasures in life, his telly, you took that too.

"And what have you done to me? From confident, happy and fulfilled to scared, sleepless and security obsessed. All of this in the space of 34 seconds for an old telly.

"Yet my abiding last thought and sincere wish is to see you change, take opportunities offered to you to learn and reform and become somebody you are proud to be.

You can't be proud of yourself right now."