Emergency services were called to a park in Harwood after residents noticed a ‘big glowing fire’ on a disused golf course nearby.

Trees were set alight by vandals, which caused the blaze to spread alarmingly.

The fire was first spotted on Sunday afternoon by Dr Jane Wilcock, chair of Friends of Longsight Park, who was walking her dog in the park.

The incident comes after vandals targeted the park’s play area and set fire to wheelie bins in the park before the pandemic hit last year.

Dr Wilcock said: “I saw a big, glowing, orange fire as I looked up towards the trees as I was walking my dog. I immediately phoned the fire brigade.

“It’s disappointing as it takes 40 years to grow a tree and just 10 minutes to burn it down.

“There’s a lot of anti-social behaviour taking place in the park.

“People are riding motorbikes in the park and it’s ruining pitches for kids and nobody does anything about it.

“It’s not a local issue, it’s a national issue.

“Adults aren’t walking in the park past 4.30pm. It’s just becoming a no-go area.”

Friends of Longsight Park was founded in 2014 and works with Bolton Council to improve the appearance of the park.

Since the group was formed, paths have been restored, noticeboards have been erected, and benches installed.

Dr Wilcock added: “It’s depressing for the members of the Friends group as we’re trying to improve the park and people are moving away from Longsight Park.

“If residents see anti-social behaviour, I would advise them to report it to the police.”

The community group helps with activities such as litter picking, tidying the park, planting and painting.

Longsight Park will be taking part in the Go Green for Parks event tomorrow, Thursday, which will see the main entrance of the park lit up in green.

Organisers are encouraging attendees to wear green on the day to support the Go Green initiative.

The event will take place at 6.45pm and those wishing to take part should gather at the main entrance of the park.