A CHARITY worker says he was “punished” by being given a parking while delivering Covid vaccination kits.

Kelvin Archer says that he had parked a Woodland Trust pickup van outside the vaccination centre on Lever Street while delivering the kit, only to find that a traffic warden had issued him with a ticket.

This is despite him having informed NHS staff and security that he was delivering crucial vaccination equipment during the height of the pandemic, while he had also left a note on the van explaining as such.

Mr Archer said: “The vehicle was off the road, which was closed due to filming, causing no obstruction and supporting the vaccine roll-out at the height of the programme.

“On appeal the council refused to overturn the fine, the initial appeal was not responded to, but when challenged by the lease company of the charity vehicle some six months later the council claimed to have responded, to which no evidence of this response can be found, the refusal to overturn was received this month.”

Mr Archer says that he, and charity workers like him have put themselves at risk over the course of the pandemic in order to support their communities and that despite this he has been “punished” by the council who in turn have only received a “small financial gain.”

But the authority now says that it is still possible for Mr Archer to receive a refund.

A council spokesman said: “Mr Archer’s penalty charge notice was issued correctly for parking in a ‘no stopping’ zone, which does not allow for loading or unloading at any time.

“During the national lockdown, Bolton Council have supported NHS workers, care staff and volunteers with the Covid-19 Free Parking Pass.

“This allowed the valid holders to park for free in pay and display bays to help them with their work supporting the Covid-19 response.

“Deliveries are allowed in many regulated places but not where they are specifically restricted.

“We have reviewed Mr Archer’s appeal, and on this occasion, we can provide a full refund to the lease company who are now registered as the vehicle owner.

“The lease company would need to contact us to facilitate the refund and Mr Archer would need to arrange payment from them to receive a personal refund.”