There will be no fireworks display at Leverhulme Park for Bonfire Night this year, the council has confirmed.

The display at the popular park has been a celebrated event in the past, however, Bolton Council has confirmed it will not be going ahead this year.

Bolton Council has said it does not have the required resources or budget to hold a display safely.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “Given constraints on budgets and resources, we have taken the difficult decision not to hold a firework display in Leverhulme Park.

“With a significant risk of a spike in Covid-19 cases this winter, it would not be possible to enable social distancing or limit spectator numbers across the site.

“We understand many people will be disappointed, but it is vital we keep people safe and avoid putting extra pressure on our NHS.”

The council is also working with the fire service and police to promote safety messages around Covid-19, Halloween and Bonfire night.