A WELL-loved nursery in Breightmet is closing next Friday due to a lack of funds.

Fun Days nursery, on Waggon Road, is closing its doors after more than 40 years due to an increase in overheads and wages.

Anne Haslam, the owner, has had various nursery roles in her career, starting at Bright Meadows Church 48 years ago, before buying her own nursery and moving around the Breightmet area.

The team finally settled at Waggon Road young people's centre but now they have no choice but to close.

Christine Crossley, one of the longest-serving workers there, said all the staff at the nursery are heartbroken by the closure.

She said: “We are heartbroken we have to close. The nursery has been open for decades and children come to Anne and then their children come here.

“We are just absolutely devastated. Especially Anne, the place kept her going when her husband died.

“I’ve only seen her cry twice, once when her husband died and now because of the closure.”

The popular nursery is well loved by families across Breightmet and people class the staff as family.

Christine said: “The nursery is like a family business. All the children call us auntie just like they did with Anne.

“Fun Days is well known across the area as Auntie Anne's.

“In nurseries, you find staff don’t stay for very long but I’ve been at this nursery for 19 years, we are a family and we’re all great friends.

“The closure is heartbreaking.”

The nursery has struggled to stay open as less children attend privately funded nurseries, and are now attending free nursery places within schools.

Fun Days used to have more than 50 children attending each day and now they only have 21 and although the nursery has been given Government funding, it just isn’t enough to cover costs.

As a goodbye, the staff at Fun Days will be selling nursery resources, on October 26 as well as hosting a party for the children on October 21.

The money raised from the sale will be given to Anne as a thank-you.