POLICE in Bolton are continuing their crackdown on speeding drivers today.

Neighbourhood police teams were out this morning carrying out speed enforcement checks on St Helens Road, which has been the scene of a number of serious crashes in recent times.

Officers reported a driver seized a driver's vehicle under section 165 Road Traffic Act 1988, after they were caught on Lavender Road, doing 36mph in a 30mph zone.

Earlier a driver was issued a Traffic Offence Report for doing 41pm in a 30mph zone on Plodder Lane.

The speed enforcement exercise is being carried out Farnworth police.

A spokesman said: "Farnworth Neighbourhood Team are conducting speed awareness checks across the area today. First stop was St Helen's Road and happy to report all drivers kept within the speed limits."

In December Greater Manchester Police launched Operation Portman following an increase in serious traffic collisions in the town.

Extra resources were drafted in by the force to support neighbourhood officers and the boost in police numbers allowed them to target notorious speeding hotspots.

Residents fed up of speeding cars will be given their own speed gun in a crackdown on motorists driving too fast in their neighbourhoods.

Town Hall chiefs have put aside cash to buy the speed detectors for community groups.

The equipment will be handed to 'Speedwatch' groups and follows a huge increase in complaints to the council and police about the issue.