THE Bromley Cross ghost train is now in full effect for Halloween, complete with flashing lights, smoke, and music.

The train officially opens next weekend when the lights will be put on, with the main event happening on the 30th October.

The main event will include fancy dress, kids trick or treating, and sweets being donated from Swizzels Sweets.

Passersby will also be able to go inside the cabin and have their photographs taken, which will include a sanitiser machine to ensure everyone is comfortable.

The spooky festivities are a regular occurrence at couple Paul and Simone Brady's home, and this year Simone decided she wanted to celebrate with a ghostly train.

Simone explained: “I came up with the idea because Halloween is my favourite time of year.

“I come up with crazy ideas all the time, and then we decide how we’re gonna do it.

“Everyone has been getting involved in the local and wider community.

“I just can’t thank them enough.”

It was the passing of well-loved, close friend Cllr David Wells Greenhalgh in July, that inspired them to raise money for The Wythenshawe Hospital Transplant Fund.

Raising awareness around transplants and donors is especially important to the couple and friends, because of Cllr Greenhalgh's emphasis on carrying donor cards.

Cllr Greenhalgh was known to many in the local community for his continued support, even in the most difficult of times during Covid.

Paul: "David put his heart and soul into the community, and we want to give back and make him proud."

Cllr Samantha Connor, who was a close friend of the Cllr, added: “It’s so important to keep David’s memory alive because he did so much for everyone.”

Anyone wanting to donate to the cause can do so on their Facebook page 'Simone's fundraiser for NewStart Charity', with more information on their official Facebook page 'Bromley Cross Halloween Ghost Train'.

Their raffle will be drawn on the 7th November at Dunscar Conservative Club, with tickets available to purchase from Bakers Edgerton, Fancy That Fancy Dress, and Whitehouse Dry Cleaners, as well as from Paul and Simone,Damian Deavall-from Cycle Well, and Cllr Connor.

Those who have helped with the Halloween fundraiser are: Pete Kirkwood from BS Entwistle Ltd, Bellways Homes Ecclestone Homes, Darren Barnes from Howarth Air Tech, Lewis Williams from Eccythump Independence Art for producing the artwork on the train, Damian Deavall from Cycle Well, and Cllr Connor.



Kirkwood-BS Entwistle Ltd Bellways Homes Ecclestone Homes also supported the project with their contributions of materials, as well as Darren Barnes from Howarth Air Tech.