As a member of the council, I read with interest the two recent letters submitted to the Bolton News from members of the Bolton Civic Trust regarding the Moor Lane and Blackhorse Street area redevelopment proposals.

I have to say that I am in agreement with their conclusions. What shocked me is that our Civic Trust had not been involved at all throughout any of the process developing these proposals and that only found out about them once the planning application had been submitted. This is completely ludicrous, wrong and shortsighted. The Civic Trust as key professionals should have been involved from the start. This has been a major mistake by the Conservative Council. Why I ask was our Civic Trust excluded from the process?

Regarding the present planning application and what is proposed, just like the Civic Trust, I only viewed the plans when they were made public. I have to say that I feel that the proposals are not good enough and it will be a missed opportunity if they are approved.

I feel that the proposals need to be radically altered and the present planning application either halted or withdrawn for major changes to be made.

I cannot support two imposing buildings being built to the rear of Le Mans Crescent between Blackhorse Street and Queen Street, either side of the present Jobcentre. We need to be opening up this area and if it were up to me, the present Jobcentre building would go completely.

The whole length of that area to the rear of Le Mans Crescent between Blackhorse Street and Queen Street could be transformed into a beautiful long park and gardens; Queen Street narrowed down, Blackhorse Street done away with altogether apart from access at one end to the courts complex and a long pedestrian tree lined promenade constructed instead.

It seems to me that the people who put these proposals together just see this exercise as a money making opportunity to dispose of some council land behind the Crescent and build apartment blocks and have no actual vision for this historic and strategic part of our town centre.

Perhaps it is because they either may not come from or live in our Borough and have no real understanding of what is required.

The proposals for the former Moor Lane bus station site are also not good enough.

This planning application is in the hands of the Leader of the Council. He can instruct officers and the development company to start all over again, radically change it or he can press ahead and chance that the Planning Committee will approve it.

If he does the latter then I hope it will be refused. There needs to be some serious vision for that part of the town centre and so far not enough is shown in the proposals on the table; indeed the vision required is very much lacking.

Richard Silvester