A CELEBRATION walk will take place to mark the birthday of holy prophet Muhammad, and the life and work of the Sufi saint Sheik ,Sufi Mohammed Aslam.

The Milad, Arabic name for the birth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad is celebrated all over the world by the Muslims.

It’s amongst the most important dates in the Islamic calendar.

In Bolton a walk is planned, on Sunday.

Starting 2pm from Makkah mosque, Grecian Crescent, people will walk along the roads and streets of Bolton, finishing at the 3D centre, Bella Street.

The birth of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is celebrated by all communities in different ways.

Organisers of the walk say it is designed to share the joy and happiness of the day with all the communities. It brings great happiness to the people.

The walk will also commemorate Sufi Sheik Mohammad Aslam.

Most of Sufi Sheik Aslam’s work was with young adults; he helped thousands of youngsters not only to become better Muslims but also taught them the importance of integrating with other communities and cultures.

All are invited to join us in the walk.

This is the 27h celebration walk in Bolton .

The procession will be lead by Khawajah Sufi Mohammad Asgar and Khawajah Sufi Muhammad Riaz. There will also be numerous international scholars and followers of the great Sufi saint attending.

At the end of the walk there will speeches.