A BLAST doors manufacturer in Bolton is set to open a new wing this week after securing a contract for work on HS2.

Nelson Street based Booth Industries will be opening their new extension as a result of clinching the £36m deal with the high-speed rail operators last September.

When the company was awarded the contract, it was announced it would enable them to build a new wing to their factory in Bolton, creating more jobs as a result and boosting the local economy.

Now just over 12 months later, the new building is complete and ready to open tomorrow, Tuesday.

Staff have celebrated the opening by burying a time capsule full of company memories.

Adam Robinson, the firm's sales and estimating manager, said: "I can’t remember if it was one person or a few of us who decided to make a time capsule but just before the final touches were completed to the entrance ramp, staff wanted one to be buried and hopefully discovered at some point way in the future, where the discovery will then give people a view into what life was like at Booth Industries and in life in general in the year 2021.

“It’s fascinating to think future generations will find a message from the past and people will remember us.”

The capsule is made from stainless steel and has been filled with memorable items such as photos of production in the facility, staff past and present, current company literature and paperwork, along with modern-day essentials such as face masks.

The extension will be officially opened by Booth’s parent company, Avingtrans, and will also be visited by HS2 officials before Christmas.

Adam added: “The extension is something we have wanted to do for years and the contract made it possible.

“It’s the comfort that we have now knowing we have the contract in place for any work that needs doing.

“We are an old company, which opened in 1873, and this is the first new facility we have probably built in 50 years, thanks to the contract.”

The new space will be used to manufacture large steel doors, with overhead cranes and workbenches and will be used as part of an apprenticeship training academy which the firm is hoping to create in the near future.