Several fans were ejected from the stands and missiles thrown onto the pitch in an ill tempered local derby between Wanderers and Wigan at the University of Bolton Stadium.

There was a heavy police presence inside and outside the stadium and a tense atmosphere in the stands as the Latics thrashed Whites in the League One clash.

Bolton were beaten 4-0 on the day.

The Bolton News:

Police had warned in the build up to the game there would be extra patrols and those causing disruption would face swift action.

The game had to be stopped on several occasions at items were thrown onto the pitch.

And the disruption continued outside ground.

The Bolton News:

Hundreds of fans were caught up in trouble close to the Horwich Parkway Train Station and outside Bolton Arena.

One witness said: "Police had riot gear on as they were dealing with it.

"There we're dozens of officers there.

"It wasn't just the normal sort of trouble you sometimes see, it felt a lot more unpleasant.

"An ambulance drove off from near Bolton Arena with its blue lights on. I just hope it wasn't a serious casualty.

"Clearly the match didn't go Bolton's way and there was a lot of anger in the stands at that. But it was all threatening to boil over.

"We saw at least three or four Wigan fans escorted out and at least one Bolton fan near us too."

An ambulance was called left the scene at around 5.15pm.

Injuries and casualties are unknown.