VOLUNTEERS claim they were hit with an anti-social warning as they prepared to sing for charity in the town centre on Saturday.

Bolton-based Charity Aid have built up a decent following across the country having staged performances across the North and the Midlands.

They had just set up in Victoria Square when they were told to pack up.

Our readers have reacted to the news on our article.

Bolton Nice said: "Peter has made it his life’s work to help our charities. He has helped out out small charities when they needed extra help and support. It’s a sad state of affairs, Bolton Council can never see the good work being done around them by unpaid volunteers. Peter and his team of volunteers always go the extra mile to help get funding for vulnerable people.

Jean Rostron said: "According to story, certain rules are in place, the sad thing is, they had to enforce it. Otherwise some clowns at a later time, would do something and I quote, ‘Well you let that group do it!’ Fail to see how no music should stop people donating

Valerie Wildman said: "Absolutely disgusting, depriving cancer research of worthy donations. I’m a cancer survivor (lung cancer ) and without the research I would have probably not survived."