We are being continually being told about the damage being done to the planet by CO2 and we have to change.

We are now being told that gas heating has to be phased out and replaced by heat pumps, at whatever cost. But looking around at all the new estates being built, are they being built for our green new world?

How many are built with solar panels on the roof? I don’t mean a token 3 or 4 panels, but I mean 3kw or 4kw panels on a south facing roof as recommended. That’s about 12 or 16 panels. How many estates are being laid out with homes with a large south facing roof, suitable for solar panels?

How many new estates are connected to the mains gas network and provided with gas central heating? I would think 90% are provided with gas central heating with few provided with heat pumps normally where gas is not an option.

How many new houses come with a fast electric car charging point as standard or even have an electric consumer unit that is capable of easily fitting one? On how many estates will the electric grid be able to cope with every home charging an electric car or even two at the same time?

Whilst the politicians are keen to go green, the builders have to build houses to a price they know will sell and putting £50k worth of green technology, will not sell. Most builders will give the option of green technology packages on new houses, but look at any new estate and see how many houses have them fitted.

If the government is serious about going green then all new homes must be designed from the ground up to include all the green technologies as standard.

Michael Albin