Sainsbury’s has become the first major UK supermarket to ban the sale of fireworks ahead of Bonfire Night next month.

The move comes as a pet charity warned over the dangers of fireworks for pets.

Our readers have reacted to the news on our website.

Scott Yates said: "(It'd) Be nice if those people who open up a shop for a month and sell not even British standard fireworks to be shut down. Loads already opened up... fireworks should be sold to organisers of fireworks display. You should need a licence to buy or sell them."

Laszlo Hamar said: "I would never buy a Firework from a supermarket. They are rubbish."

Tim Willcock said: "And just watch even more pop up shops appear!"

Nigel Bird said: "I’m sure that most of the shops on the main roads into Bolton will still be selling"

Jonathan Bird said: "In a few years, bonfire night would probably cease to exist."