MEMORIES of an horrific plane crash which killed 35 people are being featured in a documentary.

It will be shown at a commemorative event on February 27 to mark 50 years since the Winter Hill disaster.

A Manchester-bound Silver City Airways flight from the Isle of Man crashed in February 1958.

Horwich Rotary Club and Horwich Heritage are making the DVD, which features local people reliving the terrible day.

Among the contributors is Mayor of Bolton Cllr Barbara Ronson who was a schoolgirl at the time and is sharing her memories for the film.

She said: "I was 15 at the time and at Bolton School.

"I remember hearing a lot of sirens going up Chorley New Road and there was a helicopter out.

"That was quite rare in those days to see a helicopter so we knew that something awful had happened.

"It was all over the news by lunchtime. I vividly remember the day because it was such an unusual event and still is one of the biggest upland air disasters in aviation history."

Stuart Whittle, Chairman of Horwich Heritage, said: "We have been filming for a few weeks and were keen to get people in Horwich to share their memories.

"There have been a variety of people who have come forward - from school children to those who helped with the aftermath of the crash.

"A number of artefacts have also been recovered which will be on display at an exhibition."

The plane crashed at 9.45am on February 27.

A wreath will be placed at the site, about 350 yards from the Winter Hill TV mast on that day next month.

It will be followed by a service at Holy Trinity Parish Church, Church Street, at 11am. Candles will be lit in memory of those who lost their lives.

There will also be an exhibition of pictures from the disaster.

At noon, Cllr Ken Denton will unveil a commemorative plaque at Horwich Heritage Centre.