PLANS have been submitted to build up to 14 houses on brownfield land around Bolton.

According to proposals lodged to Bolton Council, the homes will be built on the site of a former scrapyard to the east of Old Hall Street and south of Bolton Road in Kearsley.

Residents and local political representatives hope that this could signal a wider rejuvenation of the area.

Cllr Paul Heslop, who represents the ward for the One Kearsley party, said: "It's a blighted area of Kearsley and there have been many planning applications for it in the past.

"In my view the houses are welcome to the area, they will help relieve housing demand and will help to redevelop the blighted area."

He added: "There have certainly been some challenges looking at some of the comments people have made about Kearsley 'bursting at the seams' and they're right that there is certainly a lack of amenities in the area.

"But this is right as you come into Kearsley so in my view the houses are welcome."

The area has thus far been abandoned and is currently out of use since the closure of the scrapyard.

According to the plans laid out, the homes will all be accessible for cars, and will include drive ways onto the street.

Various aspects of the project have been submitted to the council for consideration including a tree survey, housing type plans, flood assessments, a risk assessment and a utility report.

The houses will be semi-detached, with some including asymmetrical garages and both types of houses slated to include four bedrooms.

They will also include lounges, kitchen and dining rooms and upstairs bathrooms.

Building works will be carried out by UK Arch Construction Ltd, should the plans be approved.

An application was made and validated to build the homes on September 14 2021.

The most recent neighbourhood consultation date, which gave people in the area a chance to air their views on the matter, was held on October 19, with the expiry date for neighbourhood consultations set for November 14.

A proposed completion date has not yet been confirmed.