A NINETY-SEVEN-year-old war veteran relived his army days.

Second World War soldier Robbie Larnach fired a field gun and was back riding on a quad gun tractor this week in Bolton.

Robbie served in the 25th Field Artillery Regiment and had asked to be back in the 'field' once again.

His wish was fulfilled by Kearsley based JMA Transport.

Robbie, who lives in Scotland, said: "It meant everything to me.

“I really appreciate all that has been done for me.

“I enjoyed myself immensely.”

Robbie fired two rounds using a 25-pounder field gun during the day, with his son Noel Larnach firing the third.

The quad was driven down Springfield Road to Bolton Road, and back again, which was followed by lunch and a chat with other veterans, and Bolton’s Parachute Regimental Association.

Robbie was an artillery gunner, driver, and mechanic on a quad gun set in the war, and was shipped out to Normandy D Day +15 on his 20th birthday in 1944, landing on Sword Beach.

It was so important to Robbie, that he travelled with his son all the way from John O’Groats, Scotland, with the help of Beverley Cooper of the 53rd Welsh Division, and Darren Kaye, part of the Arnhem Boys Facebook group.

Financial director of JMA Transport, Chris Allsop provided the space, with the equipment coming from his company Allsops of Bolton Ltd.

Chris added: “He was over the moon, as well as his son.

“Since we had the space, and all this old equipment just sitting there, we thought we might as well put something together for him.”

Darren added: “We wanted to honour the memory of those who fought in the battle, and make them smile, as well as the ones still alive.”

Robbie also visited the Royal Artillery Barracks, and the Para café on Thursday for breakfast, before meeting Bolton Mayor, Linda Thomas, as well as visiting the war memorial, in Nelson Square with Beverley.

Beverley said: “Those who set up the guns were fantastic - including Frank Brown - and everything exceeded our expectations.

“It has been magical!”