A BOLTON man has been jailed for his role in the attack of a man during an argument on the road.

Yakub Thompson was sentenced for his part in the attack on driver Daniel Finney, who had a child in his car.

Bolton Crown Court heard Mr Finney was travelling into the town on St Helens Road in Daubhill when he came across Daniel Lee and Yakub Thompson standing in the middle of the street.

Mr Finney, who had his partner and stepson in the vehicle, was shouted at by Thompson who said that he had almost hit him.

Lee began shouting at Mr Finney but Thompson told him to calm down and said there was a child in the car.

A bottle was smashed and Mr Finney got out of his vehicle and tried to move them from the car.

Lee then struck him to the face and Thompson followed up by striking him before running away.

Mr Finney identified both men at an identification parade.

Prosecutor Alison Heyworth said Mr Finney was left with a five centimetre laceration to his left cheek.

The court heard Mr Finney had left his job as a result and been left with post traumatic stress disorder

Lee was jailed for nine months for grievous bodily harm for his role in the attack in January last year.

He was 21 at the time of sentence and residing on Longfield Road in Deane.

Thompson appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting the same offence during the incident in October, 2018.

The prosecutor added she could not say who caused the laceration but it looked like it was not Thompson.

Judge Tom Gilbart said he would sentence Thompson on the basis that he was part of a joint enterprise where these injuries were inflicted but that he did not cause them.

Defending, Paul Treble said he had turned his life around since the incident.

He said he had tried to move away from drugs as he had been tortured due to a drug debt where he was hit with a hammer after being taken off the streets.

He said: “He is doing everything he can to live lawfully and provide for his family.

“He has had a period of three months working for a firm, they have offered him a job.”

Imposing a sentence on Thompson, from Bolton Road in Westhoughton, the judge said as the attack was “in the presence of a child” the “appropriate sentence can only be immediate custody.”

He jailed him for 14 months.