A MAN attacked six members of staff at a hospital after demanding faster treatment for a dressing on his leg – even flicking blood at those who challenged him.

Bolton Crown Court heard Michael Wilding lashed out at Leigh Infirmary medics last May.

The 36-year-old had attended with his mother and asked for his dressing to be sorted.

Nurse Nicola Willshere told him to stay in the waiting room but he lashed out and then grabbed her, causing her to put a chair between them.

Wilding tried to move into a staff only area and found his path blocked by nurse Anne Freakley.

She eventually agreed to treat the dressing but Wilding noticed she had a pair of scissors and he tried to grab them.

Staff feared they would be stabbed and nurse Jill Mathieson took hold of his arms.

During the struggle he grabbed her wrist and threw Nurse Freakley onto a bed.

Security guards Paul Frogatt and Rory Roberts then attended.

Wilding punched Mr Roberts to the face and shouted he would kill him. He later flicked blood from a cut at both of them and some landed on Mr Frogatt’s face.

He walked to another room and wiped blood on the corridor and flicked some at paramedic Neil Haselden, with some landing in his eye. Wilding then sat down in the waiting area, where he was arrested.

Andrew Evans, prosecuting, told the court Nurse Willshire had since moved her workplace. Other staff faced a stressful wait for the results of tests to check they had not obtained a bloodborne disease.

Wilding, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, admitted to four attacks on emergency service workers and two assaults on security guards.

Tom Watson, defending, said he wished to apologise publicly on his behalf and said he could have “no complaints” if sent immediately to prison.

He added: “He has no history of violence he showed on this day.”

Judge Tom Gilbart described the flicking of blood as a “repulsive thing to do.”

He imposed a six-month suspended prison term, placed him on a drug rehabilitation requirement to last for nine months and ordered him to do 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days and pay a fine of £1,000.

Judge Gilbart added: “I have given you an opportunity despite the seriousness of what you did.”