I read with amazement that the beautiful Haslam Park is to be destroyed by Bolton Council. I fear that there is a true lack of understanding and knowledge by many as to what is happening in the real world.

Global warming is here for all to see but still people in authority attempt to turn a blind eye to it. The destruction of our wildlife, trees and Green land goes on unabated with this Tory government and Tory council. This is to the detriment of all Bolton residents.

If Covid-19 has taught us nothing else it is that easy access to local Green land is a must. The health of this nation is in the hands people who put money before the quality of life, a dangerous cocktail.

Not so long ago Bolton Council brought in 800 children as they felt sorry for them and have brought in people across the globe, for very many years. It has put pressure on all walks of Bolton life, often taking preference over our own people, putting pressure on schools, doctors, housing, hospitals and so on, Bolton has a 25000 social housing waiting list, its local Green areas are being destroyed and replaced with houses nowhere is safe.

The time has come to look after the people of Bolton. We need these parks and open spaces in all areas; already Bolton has one of the lowest life expectancies in Britain and is high on the list for pollution, congestion, heart disease, Asthma and near the bottom in the North West for the care of its wildlife and the destruction of its trees. This does not speak to well of the Bolton Council or the civil servants that run it.