A TEENAGER who stabbed schoolboy Reece Tansey to death was known to carry knives, a jury has been told.

The teenager, who can be identified only as Boy A, and his friend, Boy B, arranged to meet 15-year-old Reece in Walker Avenue, Great Lever, for a fight in the early hours of May 4.

But Boy A stabbed Reece six times with a knife and he was pronounced dead in hospital a short time later.

Just before the altercation, at 4am Boy B rang a 14-year-old female friend to tell her that there was going to be a “scrap”, a jury at Manchester Crown Court heard.

A video interview carried out by police with the girl was played in court during which she told how she had expressed concern that Reece might take friends with him to the altercation, but she said she heard Boy A in the background stressing: “It’s ok. I have a knife.”

"It seemed like he was bragging about it and couldn't wait to see Reece," she said.

The girl added that it was common knowledge that Boy A carried a knife and thought that Reece would have known that.

"He doesn't keep it a secret that he carries a knife on him," she said. "He thinks it makes him seem solid."

The girl added that Reece also sometimes carried a knife but did not believe Boy B did.

But the girl said she was not concerned about a fight taking place.

"It's just what lads do. I didn't think anything was going happen. I just thought they would walk around," she said.

And when she also messaged Reece he did not appear bothered that he would be up against two others and on his own in a fight.

“They’re harmless,” he told her.

Four hours later the girl messaged Boy B to ask how the “scrap” had gone but he did not reply immediately and when she asked again he only answered, “Nowt happened. It doesn't matter."

Later that morning the girl discovered, via social media, that Harper Green School pupil Reece was dead and so messaged Boy B again telling him: “I know what you’ve done”.

Boy B replied : “I swear I didn’t touch Reece.”

The court heard that Boy A and Boy B’s personalities alter when they are together.

"When they are together it's like they change and want to prove something to each other," she said.

Boy A, and Boy B, both aged 15, deny murder.

Boy A, who was not in court as the trial continued on Monday, admits he stabbed Reece but denies he intended to kill or seriously harm him. Boy B claims he did not know Boy B had a knife.