Once again Bolton Councillors are dreaming of a pie in the sky. Who on earth is this so called cafe culture for? It’s not for the majority of the Bolton community that6’s for sure.

Or are these people who will frequent this Covent Garden attraction the owners of the houses and flats on Moor Lane bus station?

It cannot be a visitor as there is nowhere to park.

Councillors, rather than approving hair brained schemes, look at what is good in other nearby towns Chorley and Bury.

What makes these popular is the free parking near to where people want to visit, not some dark and dank multi-storey car park half a mile away charging a king’s ransom for an hour

Wake up Bolton councillors. Stop spending our hard earned money on daft schemes that will be great for a few but not the larger Bolton family or the few who visit Bolton

Finally, what use will knocking down the shopping centre opposite the town hall be? To put a road in, build new flats and shops or are these the people who will use this so call Covent Garden area

Do Boltonians know that the £25 million loan to do this is from Chinese investors?

As with most building projects the people of Bolton are funding they will, as usual, never really know what the cost is as every project that a governing body does always costs more and over runs the scheduled timescale.

A lapsed Boltonian