THE finale of a tense new BBC drama will be filmed tomorrow in Bolton - and shoppers are being urged to keep calm.

During one of the scenes for ‘Red Rose’, some of the cast will emerge from the old magistrates court building after having ‘escaped’ from a very challenging ordeal.

Passersby are encouraged to not be alarmed if they see emergency vehicles and an armed response unit on the set.

In a letter to nearby firms, Kristie O’Brien, assistant location manager, on behalf of Eleven Film, said: “The scenes will involve the use of imitation firearms which will be neither active nor fired.

“They are supplied and monitored by a professional licensed armourer. “

The set will be complete with security officers, marshals, and a real police officer to liaise with the public and reiterate that everything is staged and for filming purposes only.

Before now parts of the town centre, Farnworth and Kearsley and the West Pennine Moors have all featured as backdrops for the BBC Three serial.

As well as being filmed across the borough, the series has also been written by Paul and Michael Clarkson - also known as The Clarkson Twins - from Bolton.

Some of their credits include the Wheel of Time and The Haunting of Hill House, as well as experience consulting on the script for His Dark Materials.

Given the scale and nature of the filming, parking has been suspended on Howell Croft North, Victoria Square North, as well as nd half of the parking on Le Mans Crescent.

But film chiefs say everything is in hand and all activity is taking place within a controlled environment, with traffic management in place for safety, controllability and also to help motorists find the best places to divert or park during the filming.

The filming of the finale will begin from 11:30am and go on until 5pm.