This Halloween, don’t be haunted by a mistake that could cause your animal companion to become lost, sick, or hurt. Everyone can keep their “good ghouls and boys” safe by following these frightfully delightful tips.

After a quiet All Hallows’ Eve last year – thanks to Covid-19 – you can’t be blamed for going to town in your costume, but don’t try to co-ordinate with your animal companion.

As well as being a stressful experience for many dogs and cats, costumes can also pose a choking hazard and impair animals’ ability to see, move, and even breathe.

The same goes for decorations: be sure to keep animals far away from jack-o’-lanterns, candles, and streamers.

Store treats indoors and out of reach (not in a bowl on your doorstep). Many animals can’t resist goblin up sweets – wrappers and all – which can sicken or even kill them. Remember that chocolate, nuts, raisins, and xylitol sweetener are toxic for dogs.

And during trick-or-treat time, stay with your animals in a quiet room, away from the door. A steady stream of costumed strangers may cause even the friendliest animal to feel frightened and bolt – or bite.

Real evils lurk outdoors: poisons, traffic, diseases, cruel people, and other ghastly dangers await. Protect cats and dogs by keeping them indoors and letting them prowl only on a lead and harness, with you in tow, on Halloween – and every other night.

Jennifer White

Media and Communications Manager, PETA