Police in Bolton are appealing for any victims of burglary who felt their case was not dealt with promptly to come forward.

Earlier this month officers launched Operation Castle aimed at combatting the crime.

In doing so they recognised Bolton has a high rate of domestic and commercial burglaries.

Police said they had arrested a number of suspects in the early weeks of this and this had resulted in a fall in burglaries.

But in the response to this officers have noticed that many people in the area believe the crime has not always been responded to well enough.

Following this, chief inspector Martin Ashurst has encouraged people to come forward if they believe they have been let down in this area.

He said: “We acknowledge that we don`t always get our response right and we are striving to improve and deliver the best quality service we can with the finite resources we have.

"Victims of crime deserve the best possible service from the police.

"I would like to offer a review of any investigation where a victim of burglary feels they have been let down, and can be emailed directly and or would be willing to hold an open surgery."

Police believe there are two groups operating in Bolton who are participating in burglaries.

The first of these specialise in smash and grabs and the other operates more subtly by breaking locks before moving into a property.

Officers believe two distinct groups are operating in Bolton, one of which specialises in 'smash and grabs' and the other which operates more subtly by breaking locks.

As part of the operation the force has a vehicle which focuses on burglaries throughout the day.

Officers on a morning shift, which runs between 7am and 5pm and the later shift which runs from 3pm until midnight this vehicle responds to burglaries.

Later in the day on the night shift, which runs from 9pm until 7am, officers operate in plainclothes in burglary 'hot spot' areas with the aim of catching culprits in the act.